The Perfect Cookie

When it comes to cookies, you may say that I consider myself to be an aficionado. I love cookies, and consider myself to be a good judge of cookie character. My all-time favorite cookie is undoubtedly the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie. You might say Chocolate Chip Cookies are sort of my “love language.” The subtle mingling of butter, sugar, eggs, salt, and chocolate yields a taste that is unbeatable in the cookie kingdom.

The trouble with some folks though, is that they seek to perfect the “already perfected.” They seek to add ingredients or take them away from the simplistic beauty of the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Trouble is when that happens to the perfect cookie, it ceases to be the perfect cookie. Some creative sorts add nuts (uggh!) like it will improve the taste (as if!). Some add M&M’s or raisins for texture. Some add frosting for appearance. Maybe some would even attempt to remove the sugar, butter, or any other ingredient in an attempt to improve the final result. Can’t be done! Leave it alone! You cannot improve upon perfection.

That may sound a little silly, and you may wonder if I am dealing with a full cookie jar. Unfortunately, some people have the same idea with theology. They think that our orthodox Biblical understanding of God can be enhanced with a little flair added to it. Or perhaps that God can be made more understandable if we take something away. Can you imagine adding gravel to your cookies? Or, how about putting in cyanide instead of butter? It doesn’t make sense. You just shouldn’t make such changes that will injure you.

“Perhaps if we take out that whole issue of ‘hell’ that will make God appear more loving.” “Maybe if we make people work hard for salvation, that will keep them in line.” “Let’s make people feel guilty for not giving more money to the church.” “Maybe if we don’t teach the truth of God as the Trinity, it won’t be so confusing.” “I don’t think a loving God would let anyone die; we are all going to heaven in the end.” Well, my friends, these are known as heresies and the way they get started is by someone presenting a half-baked idea that leads people astray, but that doesn’t make them true ideas.

An understanding of God needs to be complete, but not more than is revealed in Scripture. God is one God. God exists in 3 persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – the Trinity; all equal in deity and authority but varying in function. Jesus Christ has eternally been God and with God; He has no beginning or end. Mankind has fallen away from God because of sin and is destined to eternity in hell unless they are restored to God. Christ came to earth in fleshly form yet free of all sin. This opportunity to be restored was given through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There will be a day of judgment when all believers will be united with God, and all those who have rejected Christ will be sent to the eternal Lake of Fire. The Bible is the inerrant Word of God that tells us these truths. The truths are essential though not exhaustive.

Take away any teachings or doctrines and the true understanding of God, and eternal life fails. Add any unscriptural beliefs and you could get into a whole bunch of trouble as well. Cults are what results from such actions. Just like Satan does, cults take a little truth and mix it with cyanide, and present it as a way to “know” God. The result is death. When it comes to God, I would venture to say that there are more lies communicated about Him than truth.

This is Satan’s purpose, to in one way or another detract from the truth. “…He (the devil)… does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44).

Do not be deceived. Satan cannot perfect the perfected. He is seeking to breakdown truth whenever he can. Don’t believe his lies; he is one bad cookie.

Lookout! Be a smart cookie and watch what you eat.