In her speech, she praised abortion for allowing her the unencumbered freedom to act, and in time receive the coveted award. The audience, the Hollywood elite applauded with glee. My guess is that Satan and the minions squealed with delight, that is if they truly do squeal. 

Those in attendance had earlier been ridiculed by a humanist, nihilist comedian who himself understood that Hollywood, as supreme hypocrites had long abdicated any right to speak about anything ethical or moral. They grumbled.

The Convention grumbled as well; they booed God and Jerusalem as being a part of their platform. Again, my guess is that Satan and the minions squealed with delight if they were able to do so. 

The culture makes strong demands on how we as the people of God are to acquiesce to their rules of engagement; so, how are we to engage with the culture? For decades now, we have been told not to talk about sex, politics or religion; those are the rules…and not to confront unbelievers about God with the Bible in hand. We are told to sheath our Bibles and to be silent.

When we place our Bible away, we have muted what God has given us to say. No more is this the case when the topic of abortion is addressed. Children are not burdens. Abortion is not a “right”; Abortion is not health care. Murder is still condemned by God.

On January 22, 1973- The gavel fell. The legalization of Abortion on demand was birthed. Confused at best, and wicked evil at worst 7 Supreme Court justices, composed of a Republican majority legalized Abortion-on-Demand in the case Roe vs. Wade. And the cultural mores had lost its rudder. Once again, Satan and the minions squealed with delight.

A law upon which the people never voted, a law brought about by 7 men succumbing to the influences of the people, the confusing of the Law, or by demonic forces ratified legal interference in the development of life, God’s crescendo of Creation. 

Since then, the altar of convenience and immorality is visited 3400 times daily in the United States; 3 million annually. 42 million globally this last year. Late-term abortion and partial-birth, chemical or mechanical termination are called a “right.” Who would have thought that 6 million Jews, 70-85 million total lives lost in WWII would be low compared to the total unborn killed globally from 1973 until now?

It was birthed out of the sexual revolution, which promoted hedonistic freedom without accountability, even though abortion is not a law granted by the Constitution. In doing so, the Court encouraged the obfuscation of God’s good order. Thus, abortion has evolved into nothing short of our own sanctioned Holocaust.

We seek to save the Spotted Owl, timber, wolves, and whales, yet we applaud the destruction of God’s great masterpiece, of human life. “Science” says that only those who hurt, or have consciences are beings. Only those who could sustain their own lives are truly “worthy” of life. As a country truly seeking to follow God, this would never have been accepted by anybody in the 19th century, and well into the 20th, and yet it is foundational to the mainstream culture. God’s Creative power, the power in life… interrupted.

Long gone are the days we look down upon China and their assault on human rights, or upon Germany and the Nazi Regime; we cannot throw a stone without condemning ourselves. We need to recognize our guilt, through actions or silence, and recognize that blood is all over the hands as a nation.

God was intentional in making us in His image, assigning to us elements of His likeness that we might glorify Him. The power to grant life, to withhold it, or to take it away is a divine right solely held by God Himself. We are called to endorse Life – Celebrate life on both ends of the spectrum: from conception to passing away of natural causes. 

Our culture has much freedom, sometimes allowing us to be “legal,” yet morally, ethically, and spiritually wrong with impunity. The Divine Judge draws much more narrow lines of tolerance under His authority. Many people, from both parties, will find themselves on the wrong side of God’s graces. 

God has poured out His mercy for quite some time now. I wonder how long that may last. This isn’t about parties, it is about the hearts of the people. I plead God’s conviction upon this nation, to pierce the hearts of the people; abortion does not affect just the unborn but every single one of us. 

“For You formed my inward parts; 
You wove me in my mother’s womb.
I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
Wonderful are Your works,
 And my soul knows it very well” (Psalm 139:13-14).