A New Normal #2 – Hope

[The following post is one of several under the heading of “A New Normal” addressing our response to the Coronavirus outbreak. They are written to the family at Bishop Creek Community Church. I was asked to make them available as an encouragement to all.]

Well, to say that things are a little unstable would be an understatement. Things have gone topsy-turvy in the matter of a few short days. We are reminded that we live in a very broken world. And, we cannot look to a broken world for our security. 

But as we are asked to self-quarantine, to not eat out, to not gather in groups greater than 10 persons… as we can only wonder what is next… it is a day by day uncertainty. How and when we will gather for worship and studies at Bishop Creek is unclear, but we will keep you informed as details get to us. 

However, we are still God’s people. He still is seated on His throne as Isaiah 6 tells us…in all of His glory. 

So, as we begin this New Normal together, I do have a few thoughts, maybe daily, to share:

Number One. We are still God’s Chosen people. Let us not neglect our beautiful relationship with Him… Let us not neglect our spiritual health. For many of us, there may be a little more time on our hands… Let’s read and pray with great zeal. 

Number Two. As we are His community, how about we reach out to those in our community… our Church and otherwise. We want to be prudent, but how about committing to 3 intentional acts of engagement each week. Phone calls, cards or letters, or open-air meetings. Let’s be a church that continues to care for, pray for, and nurture those in the Body. 

Number Three. Let’s help out those who are in need. Maybe there are some who need rides, or someone to pick up groceries. Someone to do some errands. We are putting a team together so let me know if you are interested, or know of someone who needs a hand. 

Let us remember Judah in the midst of a crazy time of God’s judgment. In the midst of this, Jeremiah writes in Lamentations 3:21: 

“This I recall to my mind, 
Therefore I have hope.”

What he calls to mind is a Lord whose mercies never cease… We’ll look at a few verses in Lamentations over the next week. They are a good reminder that God is our hope, our portion, and our strength. 

Read Lamentations 3:21-26 this week and let’s remind ourselves that our hope is not in this broken world, but our salvation and hope is in the Lord.

Be the Church, Church!

Pastor Kelly