The Aroma of Christ

One of the true graces of God is the amazing physical world in which we live. Accordingly, the Lord gives us the senses by which we appreciate that world. Eyes to see the millions of shapes and colors. Ears to hear the whispers and tones. Taste buds to savor the savory.  Yet, perhaps one of the senses taken most for granted is the sense of smell. What wonderful smells fill our world!

Fragrances which remind us of a person; just a whiff of the cologne my father used to wear bathes me in memories.

Scents which draw us back to our childhood remembrances; I remember the smell of the fruity vitamins wafting as I opened the bottle.

Scents which call to mind an era; I can still recall the innocence of childhood wonder as I inhaled the smell of freshly baked bread as I toured the factory in grade school. Aromas which prompt our salivary glands to react. Continue reading “The Aroma of Christ”