“Saints”, or “Aints”

Generally when we hear the word “saints” we are drawn to think of certain individuals in the Bible, or maybe even people who have been deemed saints by a church organization, but did you know that anybody who is a true Christian, a true follower of Christ is a “saint” in the light of Scripture.

Actually, the term is used in the Old Testament to refer to something that is holy; something or someone which was by nature holy, or had been “admitted to the sphere of the sacred by divine rite;” that divine rite was the offering of sacrifices. Thus, it was separated from, or set apart for something else, often a separation of the holy from the profane. In the religious sense, something “saintly” is something that has been set apart for God, or even God Himself. The basis of separation was that of the objects “holiness.” In other words, something or someone who was impure was not to be in proximity to a holy and righteous God, for example the implements used in the temple if they were unclean. Something which was “holy” was to be consecrated or dedicated to the work of the Lord, like the priests for example, and therefore were to keep themselves pure. Continue reading ““Saints”, or “Aints””