Most of us end our prayers in the typical way using the word, “Amen!” But do we even understand what we are asking, or what that word even means. Is it just a “valediction,” or an “over-and-out God,” that we are tossing up? We really should understand the importance of such a word, and just what it is we are proclaiming as we utter it.

“Amen” is a covenantal word. It means, “Lord, establish it.”  “Do as you have said, it will stand.” “Bring it to pass,” “So be it,” or “May it come to pass.” In effect, it asks to Lord God to do as he said he would do. “I will be your God and you shall be my people.” “I’ll get you through the valley of death.” “I will forgive you. I will heal you.” “I will give you what you ask in my name.” When we say, “Amen” we are asking God to fulfill His covenantal promises to His people. We are “reminding” Him of promises given, but we are also affirming to ourselves His ability to fulfill all He has pledged. Continue reading “Amen”