The Bar

“Hey.” “Hey.” “What’s that?” “It’s a bar.” “What’s it for?” “Well, it’s sort of a standard, um…a measuring device.” “What’s it do?” “Well, like I said, it’s a standard, a measurement, eh, for who can come in.” “What’s it for?” “Well, it draws a line, it sets a standard for entry…you gotta step over the bar to gain entry.” “Can I come in?” “Only if you step over the bar.” “Dude, that’s kind of weird; seems like a weird rule, and kind of high from where I’m standing.” “Yeah, well, there has to be some kind of standard to get in; gotta step over the bar.”

“Crazy man. Why don’t I just go under?” “Can’t go under; you can’t do it that way.” “Why not? It’d be easier. You’d get a lot more people in.” “You’d be crawling in the dirt; just step over the bar; it’s not that high.” “Dude, looks high. Isn’t there another way?” “Nope. Can’t go under. Can’t go around. Can’t go through.” “Come on.” “Nope. One way. No back door. No side doors. No roof access, no trap doors.” “Hmmm.” “Step over the bar!” Continue reading “The Bar”