Franchising God

What do I feel like today? How about something spicy? How about that place? No, it’s too bland. What about the place on the corner? That place is too pricey. The big place? No. Last time we went there I got sick. The old place? No, not there it takes waaay too long. Oooh, that’s a pretty place. Nope, too loud. There? No, they are totally rude there.

Sound familiar? It may sound like a typical conversation regarding a trip into town to grab a bite to eat on restaurant row, or at a food court, but increasingly I think it begins to sound like a choice being made in regards to a church. And who does the church have to blame?

All too often the Church has taken on a worldly business model and is attempting to “grow our business model with increased sales.”  More advertising. More promotion, more “gimmicks.” Sadly enough, we often represent the many different “flavors” of our denominations, and sometimes that can divide us. We are guilty of trying to position ourselves as something unique among the many options. What are our demographics? Who is our target market? Are we going to offer something spicy? Or just something healthy? How do we fill this place up? Continue reading “Franchising God”