Walking through the grocery store it is amazing to see all of the selections available for purchase. Who would have thought a hundred years ago that an entire side of one aisle would be dedicated to potato chips? What really amazed me is the number of options of sport drinks. Kiwi-Strawberry, Lemon-Lime, Orange-Strawberry, Fruit Punch-Berry. I have heard there are 40 some flavors from which to choose. What is next? Peppermint-Avocado, or Sirloin-Pumpkin? There are drinks for before a work out, during a workout, after a workout. Sugar free and not. Seems like we cannot just be happy with one choice.

We are like that as well when it comes to religion. Some of us just can’t commit to one certain kind. “I am a Buddhist, but really like the teachings of Christ.” “I am a deist, but embrace humanism.” “I think there are a lot of ways to get to heaven, I am just going to follow my own course.” “I think we are all God, but I practice basic Christ-like principles.”  Some may say, “I am a good person, I think God should just let me into heaven.” The theological term for combining religions is called “syncretism.” It is a buffet type of selection where an individual chooses various elements of many religions hoping to create his or her own way to heaven. Continue reading “Choices”