The Anvil of God

On the surface an anvil may not be all that impressive to look upon or technologically advanced, yet this fundamental tool is indispensable to the master craftsman in performing his work. This device is sturdy and intended to make that which is unyielding, yield. With its various shapes and contortions it is the foundation used to mold material into the shapes desired. The end product is a fine work of art, glorifying the artisan.

Growing up I remember my pastor affirming that the Word of God was “the anvil against which our lives were hammered out.”  What beautiful imagery, and how true are those words! God uses His Word as that beautiful delicate instrument of precision to mold us into the vessels He desires. As disciples it is all about Spirit-led biblical Word-of-God formation. The Bible informs us about the person of God, and how we are to live before Him. As we read God’s Word reforms us into new creations. The image into which we are being conformed is the image of Christ. And the change is not superficial but exhaustive- it is transformational, a new creation! Continue reading “The Anvil of God”