On a recent plane trip the crew offered for sale snacks, digital entertainment units, and drinks. I was a little surprised to learn that they no longer accepted cash for these transactions- debit or credit cards only.  It got me thinking about currency and the economic systems that are in place around the world. If I were to go to the IRS and attempt to pay them in yen or pretty beads, they would tell me that form of currency is not acceptable for any tax debt which I had incurred. By the same token, if I were to go into the local Von’s and attempt to pay for my groceries by using rubles, lira or pesos, they would tell me the same thing, those would not be a suitable monetary measure. And if I were to make a trip to Mexico the cab driver would not be willing to accept euros, francs or pounds. Only acceptable currency would pay the debt, all other kinds of currency would be unacceptable. Continue reading “Currency”