Veneer (Shepherd’s Echo)

[The Shepherd’s Echo is a reposting of a previously published TheShepherdsPen.]

I love the beauty of wood. The providential symphony of rich textures. The divinely choreographed grains.  The celestial concert of variegated colors. What a privilege for the woodworker to take a solid chunk of this great material and turn it into a work of art, to sculpt from the palette of the Creator! What a pleasure it is for me to gaze upon furniture or cabinets that are demonstrations of God’s incredible creativity in the measure of wood.

Unfortunately the demand upon this beautiful resource has made these materials more and more scarce, and thus they are used more seldom. The solution has been to take a thin sheet, a veneer of this attractive wood and laminate it over a much less expensive base layer. The end result is a product, which on the surface appears to have the integrity of this valuable material through and through when it is in fact, only a façade.   Continue reading “Veneer (Shepherd’s Echo)”

Sunday Best

I remember only too well the abuse I undertook as a child to get ready for church. My mother would make sure I was bathed, dressed in my best clothes, and that my hair was concretely rooted in place with that sticky blue gel we called “foo foo.” The final touch was making sure our fingernails were clean with the use of that “scalpel,” which would draw blood when the line was pierced between dirt and skin under the nail. And thus, we were presentable to the world and the church; we were in our Sunday Best!

Arriving at Church I could see everybody else was in their finery as well. Nice clothes, suits and ties, dresses, nice hair, and maybe just a tinge of blood under their nails – perfect! They were in their Sunday Best too, and ready for worship. Continue reading “Sunday Best”