Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!

Recently, while on an airplane trip I was distracted by the sound of a man opening up a candy bag. The loud crackling sound it made announced its presence to all around. The bag had no say in the issue but the outside forces were causing it to make noise. It contained something good that was going to be gotten at all costs. The sound let all of us know something good was in the bag and going to be enjoyed by that man.

I actually began to reflect on that candy, or more so the bag, and relate that to our own lives. If we have been given the Spirit of God to reside in us, shouldn’t our lives reflect that? I mean, it sure seems like we do a lot of grumbling about life, rather than communicating the awesome, life-changing, transformational power that is within us. How can we as Christians expect a world to embrace the God of the universe if we, His children, cannot even reflect that awesome power that is within us? Even worse, how can we expect people to come to Christ if we are silent about our relationship with Him, or our conversation is limited to grumbling about the affairs of the world? Continue reading “Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!”

I was Invisible

As any other kid, I had imagined what it would be like to be invisible. The things you could do, the fun you could have. A couple of years ago I experienced what it was like to be invisible. There I was, standing in a room of people and there was no acknowledgment of my presence. My words just floated over the people and they had no weight. The touch of my hands was not perceived. I wondered, “Am I truly invisible?”

I once heard of a theory that stated, “When light rays are refracted around an object, the object would be perceived to be invisible.” Is this what was happening? Did I walk into some sort of parallel dimension in which light rays were being bent around me? Was I standing in the midst of a room of people and yet they were unaware of my presence?! Amazing! Perhaps, I could be used by the FBI to solve crime cases. Or by the CIA to crack those difficult espionage cases. Maybe I would just have fun at the Super Bowl! Continue reading “I was Invisible”

Candle Theology

The other night I lit a candle. Nothing out of the ordinary, the candle burned. Wow, I thought as I looked at the flame. It sure is interesting how that wick just doesn’t burn up. That flame will burn for hours without expiring. Then, I reflected how it is not that wick that is burning, it is the wax that is acting as the fuel. The wick is only allowing the fuel to burn brightly. In fact, if the wick were left to burn without the wax, it would burn up in a matter of seconds.

After lighting it, I had dropped the matchstick between the glass and the wax, and, “What do you know?” it acted as a wick itself and it burned for quite a while as it allowed the wax to climb up it and burn brightly. I was amazed and wondered if the heat that it was generating was as hot as the wick in the middle. I know, dumb move, but I touched the glass and, “ouch,” it was indeed hot. Continue reading “Candle Theology”