The Journey Home

To the casual observer, the 23rd Psalm may appear to be the simple prose of children’s poetry. To the casual observer, the 23rd Psalm may simply communicate comfort in times of death. To the casual observer, the 23rd Psalm may only be seen as words befitting a nice greeting card. But, if those observations were the case, then the casual observer would have failed to see the true heart of the Heavenly Shepherd–to lead the sheep home. Continue reading “The Journey Home”

The Lord is My Shepherd

One of the dangers involving “familiar” passages of Scripture is that we think we know everything about them. The risk of operating under those assumptions is that we could miss some pretty important truths the Lord may have for us; one such passage is Psalm 23. We’ve heard it loads of times, and many likely have it memorized. Perhaps, our tendency with this great passage is to relegate it to a funeral service, or a children’s story, or maybe even a greeting card. That’s not good; we need to guard against doing that, as this is perhaps one of the most theologically rich passages in all of Scripture, and maybe, just maybe, there are some things you may have never gleaned from it before. Continue reading “The Lord is My Shepherd”