Separation Anxiety

Across the table at the church potluck, Brice was all too happy, sucking on his private piece of chocolate bark. His face and hands covered in the joy of his contentment. Then truth set in as he realized he was sitting on his father’s lap and the realization that his mother was unaccounted for. Terror. Disappointment. Concern. He was separated from the mother unit. It was a case of separation anxiety as the tears began to flow, the lungs filled with air, and the sound of disillusionment filled the air. His eyes searched frantically for the security of “Mom.”

We have all experienced this sort of situation, where our foundations are shattered as we try to get our footings, life is just that way. From the time we are born until, the time we call it quits, we don’t like being separated from our security.  Our lives are in disarray, shattered and uncertain until we reestablish contact. When mom shows up and sacrifices her pretty blue coat as a napkin for the chocolate, all is again well with the world. Continue reading “Separation Anxiety”