Let’s Eat

If you ask most people they would tell you that the primary function of eating is to sustain life.  We take in food to ingest calories so that our bodies have energy to make them function, to do the tasks we ask of them. In reality, if we believe this is the only reason for eating, we are really missing out on the fuller blessing.

Throughout the Bible, eating is associated with people, with relaxation, and to aid in building relationships. God spent time with Abraham at the oaks of Mamre. Abraham actually offered the Lord some water and refreshments. God seemed to host a meal for Moses and his men on Sinai. The Lord Jesus Christ shared many meals with his disciples. He shared meals with people who were sinners, and tax-collectors whom He desired to know. One meal He spent with Zacchaeus resulted in a transformed life. Sharing meals is how God sought to spend time with people. This is how intimacy was developed. I believe this is the model for eating, yes, for the purpose of nourishment of the body, but also nourishment of the spirit, and relationships.

Unfortunately, in this day of hectic lifestyles, we sacrifice the last two. We slam down some fast food and call it good. A recent study said that Americans eat 13 percent of their meals in their vehicles. Not much intimacy or relaxation, huh? In the old days “fast food” referred to a gazelle or a rabbit, not a double cheeseburger and coke gobbled up at 60 miles per hour. Continue reading “Let’s Eat”