Just Us Chickens

I am sure most everybody is familiar with the Foster Farms television commercials, which have two chickens driving around in a beat-up old car that is filled with candy wrappers, chips, pizza, and junk food containers. They are trying to convince people that they are healthy Foster Farms chickens. Though you cannot determine if they have recently had chips and soda, it is plain to see that these are by no means healthy beings; rather they are scrawny, anemic, miserable specimens. They are products of an overall poor diet, and there is no concealing that on the outside.

Most of us cannot remember what we had for lunch the day before, or perhaps what we had for lunch today. Still, our general health is made up of the many meals we have long forgotten. If the overall majority of those meals are junk food, we will have bodies like those chickens. If it is a steady well-rounded diet, we will likely have healthy bodies. Continue reading “Just Us Chickens”