On the Sidelines

Football has been defined as, “thousands of people who are desperately in need of exercise, watching 22 men on a field who are desperately in need of rest.” No more so will that be the case than this Sunday when the big event occurs at “game time.” Nearly 100,000 patrons will fill the seats of the arena. Millions will watch on television and mobile devices. Radios around the world will be tuned to the great event. The press will be present in full portion awaiting the outcome of gridiron brilliance. Anticipation will fill the air as the teams enter the stadium in full battle array, ready for the action, and “oppositionally” position themselves on the sidelines.

Can you imagine if, as the whistle blows to start the competition, all the team members remain on the sidelines?   After a while, as the excitement begins to wane, the field remains vacant and all the players look to one another for someone, anyone to take the field, but no one does. The fans look expectantly at one another. Everybody has shown up expecting a great game, yet that is not to be. Slowly, one by one, little by little fans begin to filter out, the lights begin to dim. The players were to take the center stage and perform; they are idle.  The fans were meant to cheer; they are quiet. Continue reading “On the Sidelines”