[This is a piece that I co-authored with my very dear friend, Ed Kruger who has gone home to be with the Lord – I praise the Lord for Ed’s example and heart for the Lord!]

How many times a day do we take for granted the simple effect of turning a switch on the wall to easily produce something to our benefit? Power. Power to illuminate a light. Power to run a motor. Power to generate heat.  Little do we care about the mechanics or elements of the process, we just want to know that flipping that switch will produce the desired display of power. The key to unleashing that unseen power of electricity is locked up or held in the understanding and confidence that that switch will release the desired result. Without that knowledge of what that switch can do, the power remains unused.

How do we know the lights will come on when we throw that switch? Because we have done it a thousand times before with positive results. We have come to expect that power to flow when we have it properly wired, and turn the switch. When we do not receive the desired effect, we know that something is wrong.  

As Christians the question needs to be asked, “When it comes to engaging the Lord’s power, have we successfully learned how to do that as followers of Christ?” Do we consistently flip the switch in our everyday lives? When faced with the trials of life that far exceed our limitations, how do we release the flow of that current?

We have authority, or access, to a power we cannot see, cannot completely understand, nor fully explain. In reality, we merely have a superficial understanding of the immeasurable nature of God. Yet, it is feely available to empower our everyday lives. The same immeasurable power that “fills the universe” is available at our “fingertips.”

We are not advocating a simplistic formulaic “manipulation” of the Creator of the universe. We do not control God. God is not a marionette puppet from whom we demand compliance. We humbly participate in life with the power He makes available to us.  Christ makes it clear that, “apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). We should never be so presumptuous to think that we can accomplish anything of substance apart from the power of the Living God.

Therein lies the key to success with God – faith. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” What that means is that we have certainty of God and of His power. Even though we may not “see” Him, we know that He and His power are real, and can be relied upon. This is not some mental game of influence that exists in our minds, but it is power which is held solely in the hand of God.

How many believers stroll around this life failing to draw upon the everlasting power of the Almighty? Only when our lives are lived in obedience to God, and confidence in His sovereignty, can His power freely flow into our lives.

Power is the measurement of a work accomplished. Power is the result of Christ’s death upon the cross. Power is the promise to those who are reconciled to God through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. The power is there. It is not to our benefit to live a life un-empowered.

            Throw the switch!